Wedding Ceremony Services:

The wedding ceremony follows a Persian-Islamic tradition dating back thousands of years. It is a pact of love, loyalty, and mutal respect between bride and groom.
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Welcome to MehrIran Publishing Co.

The main goal of MehrIran Publishing Co. is to research, write, edit, print, and publish books, produce documentary films, DVDs and videos about the life of thousands of women and men who helped to build Iran successfully. We provide personalized self-publishing services including full-service book production, specializing in writing, editing, cover design, typesetting, printing, and marketing.

Daughters of Persia, Pioneering Women of the World

Portrays the brilliant stories of Iranian women throughout history in 424 pages of cyclopedic accounts and over 1200 color and black-and-white pictures printed on high-quality paper and an extensive list of over six thousand names and biographies of trail-blazing women with prolific and constructive talents; brave and unparalleled women who have pushed frontiers with their genius, creativity, artistry and philanthropy, helping to re-define the path of history. We hope that our readers will find for themselves that the efforts spent in preparing this book have been well spent.




The Real Image of Empress Farah Pahlavi


The upcoming illustrated book, titled Chehre-ye Vaqe�i-ye Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi [The Real Image of Empress Farah Pahlavi] in Persian is a detailed and comprehensive tome on the personal life and public service of a clear eyed and indefatigable queen. Compiled by Mansoureh Pirnia, an well-known and experienced journalist and writer, the book is based on a wide range of first and second hand sources, including numerous interviews, documents and diaries.


The main focus of the book is a review of the many cultural and social projects that were carried out in pre-revolution Iran with direct or indirect help and support of the queen. The advancement of the life of Iranian women and preserving the invaluable cultural and artistic heritage of Iran were the queen�s main areas of concern.




Golha Collection

Immortal Heritage of Davoud Pirnia “Immortal Flowers” is in essence a treasury of Persian poetic music that has been lauded as a “bouquet of fragrant flowers that never wilts but emits an eternal aroma.”  The collection “Golha-ye Javidan” Over 60,000 minutes of music & poems Now available in a iPod Classic. With his rare command of Persian mysticism and culture highlighted by Persian literary and musical works, Davoud Pirnia made the compilation of Golha-ye Javidan a national mission of his. His deep knowledge of and belief in the wisdom-oriented mysticism, Pirnia garnered the works that depicted the innate bond between human voice and music as he had experienced those in the gatherings of the devotees of the path of love for truth.


Shahnameh Pahlavi Book

Non-fiction of ageless quality and souvenir value. This is an unprecedented research laid out in 374 pages, hard cover, printed on quality glossy paper, featuring over 1200 color and black-and-white pictures, rare historic documents from Pahlavi dynasty's family albums and Mehriran Publishing's own archives of images and documents; including the rich and invaluable annals of the achievements of the Pahlavi kings, documenting the era of change and evolution in the Iranian society and the manifestations of the constructive era of Reza Shah's reign; a new look at a century of Iran's contemporary history and the golden era Reza Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah and Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi.

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