Mansoureh Pirnia

Mansoureh Pirnia, writer and journalist, was born in Tehran. She studied journalism at the Literature Department of Tehran University. She considers herself fortunate that she had such acclaimed professors as Prof. Sajjadi , Dr. Reza Amini , Dr. Shah Hoseini, and Prof. Feraydoun Pirzadeh. Her graduation thesis was titled: “A Look at the Regulations and Bylaws of Journalism in Iran.” She went on to get her diploma in journalism in London.

Mansoureh started her journalistic career at a tender age with two major Tehran weeklies, “Ettelaat Banovan” and “Ettelaat Haftegi” -- the former specifically catering to the female half of the Iranian society. But it was with her down-to-earth and thought-provoking reports about the lives of Iranians in Roushanfekr Magazine that targeted the more intellectual members of the society. Mansoureh's cooperation with Kayhan Institute began with her contribution to “Mod-e Rouz” journal, an advocate of women's rights at a time when Iranian women had begun to assert themselves in the national life. She later moved up to the editorial board of a new and influential women’s weekly, “Zan-e Rouz.” All in all, she is credited with more than 1500 reportages, interviews, critiques, and commentaries in papers the Iranian newspapers and magazine, including the English-edition “Kayhan International.”

Mansoureh’s venture into the “non-print” medium began after completing a film and television production course in Munich, Germany. The additional skills prompted her to research on Irnaian ethnology and anthropology. The fruit of these studies throughout Iran, spanning almost three decades, is manifest in the book titled “Travelogue of Empress Farah.” Illustrated with over 200 amazing pictures, the book (in 426 pages) mirrors the genuine thinking and behavior of Iranian women of disparate ethnic and economic background. It was published in U.SA in 1991 by Mehr Iran Publishing Company.

Drawing on her film production skills and social studies, Mansoureh Pirnia directed a documentary titled “Socio-Political History of Iranian Women.”

She left Iran a year before Islamic Revolution to join her husband who was on a tour of duty at the Iranian Embassy in Washington D.C. There she worked as Kayhan Correspondent in the National Press Club and completed her M.A. degree studies in International Communications at the American University. Her graduation dissertation dealt with “The Traditional Channels Of Communications in Iran.” She later chose the subject “Socio-Political History of Iranian women” as her Ph.D. thesis.

Mansoureh Pirnia is the founder of MehrIran Publishing Co., in USA. In addition to the two above-mentioned books,she is the author of “Ardeshir Zahedi,” the Offspring of Storm.” It contains episodes of Pirnia, and Zahedi families' biographies and part of the contemporary history of Iran as well. It is published by MehrIran Publishing Co. in October of 2005.

With the advantage of modern technologies of shooting, Mansoureh has produced video biographies named “Hezar Dastan ,” nightingale--with the literal meaning of thousand hands which helped Iran in the process of progress and development. So far she has produced six DVDs, 60-180 mins. Mansoureh Pirnia , has produced two a documentry film titled: “Kashan and Yahovah.”

Mansoureh Pirnia started her cooperation with Rosetta Stone, a research-educational Institution, to translate, edit, and supervise the production of two books on learning Farsi Language in 2005.

Coming from a modernistic and intellectual family, Mansoureh Pirnia is with two children. Her husband, Daryoush Pirnia, too, is a researcher and writer.