Daryoush Pirnia

Daryoush Pirnia was born in Tehran, the second child of Akhtar Garagozlou and Davoud Pirnia. After graduating from high school in Iran and learning the Persian literature and mysticism with the help of Iranian scholars, he entered the faculty of Philosophy in Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany. Passing prerequisites and ten semesters, Daryoush Pirnia successfully acquired Masters degrees the following fields: Philosphy, Mass Communication, Political Science, and Americana".

Daryoush Pirnia taught for some time at the same university where he graduated, and in Fredrich Ebert, a research and educational foundation in Germany. When he returned to Iran, he taught journalism, television, and public management at the Faculty of Communication Science, College of Film and TV, College of Tourism, and the industrial school of Farah Pahlavi.

As an employee of the foreign ministry of Iran, Daryoush Pirnia has worked as a cultural attache in Iranian Embassy in London, first secretary and deputy cultural attache in the Iranian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Daryoush Pirnia has actively participated in writing, editing, and publishing twenty-six research and educational books.

Daryoush Pirnia married Mansoureh Pirnia, writer and journalist, in September 1964. He is the father of two children, named Ziba and Daria and two grandchildren: Arian and Amir Raeen.